Safe journeys home and an amusing report.

Hi all

I was glad to hear some of you got to Bath and had an enjoyable day. I hope you’ve all had good journeys home. The brief piece below refers to my son Oliver and his girlfriend, who went to the big march in London to protest against the cuts. In the light of our situation on the 24th, though this might amuse you all!

Teapots Against Kettling

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on March 26, 2011

By Kashmira Gander

“Two NHS workers from Bristol are here today dressed as a 19th century couple. They are carrying a teapot and cup on a tray and wearing banners reading ???teapots against kettling???. The gentleman said ???we are against kettling, especially after a man was killed by police during the g20 protest. I work for the NHS so my job is in danger, that???s why we???re here today.???”