Song Maps


We have Luka Bloom coming to NUI-Maynooth. He will sing and chat. I
have sketched a few ideas about Song Maps at I have
described some of the geographical themes in the art of Luka Bloom at….
There are some details of the event at….
A poster will soon be available for what will be a Geography/Space and
Place event and I then send that on to the blog
Gerry Kearns


Iain Biggs, MST co-convener, announces international expansion of "place"

From Iain Biggs: “PLaCE UWE is now part of a new grouping of creative, practice led, academic research centers. PLaCE was originally located in the Department of Art and Design at the University of the West of England (UWE), Bristol, England. However, it has always been my ambition that we would become a genuinely international Research Centre and this summer PLaCE became an international consortium with four centers: PLaCE at UWE Bristol (now PLaCE, England); PLaCE, Minnesota (University of Minnesota Departments of Art and Landscape Architecture; College of Design); PLaCE, Scotland (University of Dundee, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design); and (it is planned) PLaCE, New South Wales (University of Melbourne).”

The Saga of the Big Park Draw (17th September 2011)


The plan was simple. Julian Gregg and I would hold a drawing event in Victoria Park, Bristol – an open invitation for the community to come together, be inspired by the landscape, to drift and draw; the resulting works set to be displayed in the local community centre at the local Art Trail due to take place on the 1st and 2nd of October. The event would co-incide with the local Fun Day the main event of the Victoria Park calendar – that way ensuring a maximum turnout. A foolproof plan.


Then the elements intervened … drifts of grey clouds, rain like stair rods lashing the leaves, the grass – winds whipping up, threatening to blow unwary gazebos to the four corners of the earth if anyone was foolish enough to erect them. The events of the fun day that could be moved, moved to the local pubs – face painting and children’s entertainment to the Star and Dove, BBQ, bands and poetry to the Shakespeare.


What to do …


The clouds cleared – a day of heavy showers beckoned, but how bad would it be? We took the plunge. 


As we assembled our shelter, the clouds cleared, and continually drifted back to lash  the canvas and dampen our paper. But people ventured out and visited us – slowly at first. The pace picked up as the stretches of sun gradually overtook the stretches of rain. Some ventured far afield in the park to take on the magnificent vistas; the brightly coloured houses of Totterdown, the gently sloping hills of the park itself. Other stayed near the Cafe to enjoy the various refreshments there whilst they stretched their creative muscles.


Many pictures were collected and all will be displayed at the Windmill Hill Community Centre during the Windmill Hill Arts Trail on the 1st and 2nd of October – come one, come all.


Many thanks to the people who helped Julian and myself set up, and also to those who braved the elements to come out and draw.


Rest assured, more Park Draw events will follow – watch this space.

David Smith


"Hidden Presence" project announced

Hidden Presence is a commissioning programme which will make public the hidden histories of African, Caribbean and Asian men and women who were born before the end of the 19th Century and lived in rural Britain. By focussing on particular people’s stories linked to specific places, Hidden Presence will celebrate a pattern of multiethnic presence in rural Britain which is not commonly known or understood. 

Hidden Presence is a collaboration between community media organisation Firstborn Studios and independent creative producer Ruth Hecht. MST co-convener Iain Biggs is a consultant on the project. For further details please contact Ruth Hecht: 

Full announcement here: