Geopolitics, Ireland and the New World Order, Maynooth 25-6 November

I would like to invite all who may be interested to a two-day meeting on Geopolitics, Ireland and the New World Order. The program includes folk from Geography, Political Science, English, and History. There is a public lecture from Derek Gregory (author of The Colonial Present: Afghanistan, Palestine, Iraq) – ???The distance of death: from Vietnam to Afghanistan-Pakistan.??? Derek is currently posting a set of articles on the history of bombing to the OpenDemocracy website. There are a further two dozen papers on global geopolitics, geopolitical theory, and the geopolitical challenges facing Ireland. The programme is online and there is no registration fee. The event is part of the 40th anniversary celebrations of the Department of Geography at the National University of Ireland, Maynooth, and I am grateful for the support from the office of the Vice President of Research at NUIM. I attach a poster for the event which I would be grateful if you would circulate to all who might have an interest. I hope you enjoy the cartoon which I licensed from Thanks. Gerry Kearns