The Big Park Draw – 12th May 2012

On the 12th May the second Big Park Draw took place in Victoria Park, Bristol. The conditions for the event were perfect. The sun shone, and people came out in large numbers to take part in what was an extremely enjoyable and fulfilling day.


The day was run by David Smith, Julian Gregg and Meri Rizk. Meri also provided funding for the shelter and materials in memory of her sister Imogen, a former FIne Art student at the then Bristol Polytechnic. Imogen went on to follow her belief to teach and encourage art as something that everyone can do and enjoy.


That certainly was the tone for the day. A joyous day where young and old came out to express themselves in chalks and pencils, charcoals and inks. A number of people commented on how they hadn’t drawn for years, but they really enjoyed the event, and certainly would take part again.


Well … they have the opportunity when the next Big Park Draw takes place on the 21st July, in Victoria Park. If you find yourself in Bristol on that date, why not join in? Julian, Meri and David look forward to seeing you there.




about MST V, evening of day 3 (April 21)


Two unlived-in new houses (“ghost estates”) on the outskirts of a village in Connemara were the location for a revisiting and a re-imagining of the Cuairteoireacht/Rambling House tradition – which can be described as a place to gather, share ideas, and enjoy music and dance. The images above shows us following the “Strawboys” to the houses.

Thanks to our guide, Cian O’Callaghan for teaching us about ghost estates as the bus brought us to our mystery destination

about MST V, day 3 (April 21)


A second fruitful day of papers, panels and discussion. Shown in this image is the participatory public artwork by Rebecca Krinke called “Mapping the Body of Joy and Pain” where participants are invited to color where on the “body-map” they have experienced joy (in gold) and pain (in dark gray)–however they want to define that and in any combination thereof. A large number of people that mapped were dancers and the mapping had a more diffuse and flowing quality of markings than previous maps – show here on the wall behind.

about MST V, evening of day 1 (April 19)


Tim Collins, Karen Till, R??onach N?? N??ill, and Nessa Cronin welcome guests to the Black Box Theater Gallery, launching Dancing Days – and Mapping Spectral Traces. The evening featured an exhibition-reception in the gallery of works by MST members and others and and the world premiere of R??onach’s performance of “Frame”.

about MST V, day 1 (April 19)


MST members visited Sliabh B??n estate in Ballybane where artists Ailbhe Murphy and Ciaran Smyth of Vagabond Reviews, in collaboration with the Sliabh B??n Resident’s Association have been using an unoccupied home as a setting and opportunity way to build and foster neighborhood social interaction, especially among children. Artwork done by the kids on the theme of “home” can be seen in this photo. Vagabond Reviews was awarded a Public Art Commission awarded by the Galway City Council for Sliabh B??n. 

Vagabond Reviews was established by artist Ailbhe Murphy and independent writer and researcher Ciaran Smyth in 2007; it is a Dublin-based interdisciplinary platform for socially engaged art practice and critical inquiry.

Invitation to exhibition from Judy

Dear MST network,
It would be great to see anyone who is able to come; it’s a really lovely space.

Very best wishes,  Judy
Dr Judith Tucker
Senior Lecturer,
Programme Manager BA Art and Design
School of Design,
University of Leeds,

Penzance Convention 17-20 May 2012


From Mel:

The Penzance Convention is a three-day conference in expanded form.
Building on the precedent of The Falmouth Convention, it will develop
the interdisciplinary approach that was exemplified through field
trips in 2010 and is conceived as an international meeting of artists,
curators, writers, scientists, historians, philosophers and experts
from other fields. In addition to field trips and conference
presentations, it will offer opportunities for informal debate and
social exchange.

The Penzance Convention will reflect on the theme of extraction, with
reference both to Cornwall???s extractive industries ??? mining and
fishing in particular ??? and to the processes by which artists draw
meaning from history and site. Social historian Iain Boal will give
the keynote, comparing Cornwall and the northern California littoral
as zones of extraction.

The Penzance Convention is convened by Teresa Gleadowe and Hadrian
Pigott and produced by Phil Rushworth and Bettina Wenzel in
partnership with Newlyn Art Gallery and The Exchange, Penzance. It is
funded by Arts Council England South West, Outset Contemporary Art
Fund and LUMA Foundation.