Call for papers: ‘Haunted Landscapes’ One day symposium in Falmouth

Something that might be of interest to Mapping Spectral Traces members and other followers. Thanks to Dr Iain Biggs, who sent these details through.

Subject: ‘Haunted Landscapes’ One day symposium in Falmouth

CFP ‘Haunted Landscapes: Nature, Super-Nature and the Environment’ One Day Symposium hosted
by Falmouth University and the Association for the Study of Literature and Environment, UK and Ireland.
Venue: Falmouth University, Cornwall, UK
Keynote Speaker: Professor Ronald Hutton (Bristol University)
On March 8th 2014 Falmouth University and ASLE UKI are pleased to be holding a one day symposium on the subject of ‘haunted landscapes’. From places and spaces haunted by spectres, memory or history to conceptions of landscape as palimpsest, holy wells and ancient sites, literature, art and film have always explored concepts of the supernatural and the landscape and environment. Landscapes can be haunted by echoes and memories of colonization, violence done and irrevocable acts committed. Places may be marked indelibly by the past and by the people who populated and shaped the environment in many different ways. Layers of memory and action can be embedded in the landscape alongside the layering of history in stone. Encounters with the landscape reverberate through the ages and through the rocks, trees, hills and streams that are still present today. Ghosts can shade the atmosphere of a place and some things never leave. The environment bears witness to the super-natural and that which seems paranormal may eventually become a natural part of the environment.
Papers examining any aspect of the super-natural and the environment are welcomed from all disciplines. Subjects can include (but are not bound by):
  • Ghosts and the landscape
  • The Weird and the land
  • The idea of ‘super’ in the super-natural
  • Landscape and memory
  • Landscape as palimpsest
  • Haunted places
  • Actions and emotions embedded in the landscape
  • The past echoing back through the landscape
  • The landscape and the Uncanny
  • Nature and haunting
  • Animals, super-nature and the environment
  • Death, life and rebirth and the environment

Abstracts of 300-500 for 20 minute papers are to be submitted by December 8th to: and

We are also happy to answer any questions.