Northern Spark – Be Mountain (preview excerpts from Shore)

The 2014 Northern Spark all-night arts event took place in Minneapolis on 14th June. Be Mountain (preview excerpts from SHORE) included performances by Emily Johnson/Catalyst and the Anonymous Choir.  Also included were participatory Light Box Walks along the Mississippi River and Stone Arch Bridge, Stories in Millstone Plaza, and Volunteer Actions created in partnership with Native American Community Development Institute. The video was produced and directed by Mona Smith. Video was shot to create a small art piece for the Healing Place project.  Elizabeth Day, Ojibwe, was the videographer.

It was a stormy night in Minnapolis. Because of that there were some adjustments to the itinerary. The video screening and storytelling took place in the ‘train shed’. However, the second part took place outdoors, with lightning across the river providing the backdrop.

Be Mountain (preview excerpts from SHORE) is inspired by SHORE, a performance project that is equal parts volunteerism, story, performance, and feast. SHORE is to premiere this June at Northrop Presents.



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