“thinking making living” exhibition now on

This group exhibition and series of related public programs investigate socially engaged artistic practices that invite participation, foster collaboration, and imagine cross-disciplinary approaches to the social, political and ecological issues of our time. Over the last decade, socially engaged art has emerged as a distinctive form of contemporary practice, its roots tangled in social activism, community organizing, avant-garde ambitions to unite art and life, happenings, political performance and advocacy. The Twin Cities in particular have become a hotbed for such practices that question how we are in the world today, how we relate to each other and interact with the ecological, political, and cultural issues that shape our lives.

Curated by: Christine Baeumler, Associate Professor of Art, Rebecca Krinke, Professor of Landscape Architecture, Howard Oransky, Director of the Katherine E. Nash Gallery, and Christina Schmid, Assistant Professor of Art at the University of Minnesota; Ashley Duffalo, Program Manager, Public and Community Programs, and Sarah Schultz, Curator of Public Practice at Walker Art Center; and Scott Stulen, Curator of Public Engagement and Performing Arts at the Indianapolis Museum of Art.
The thinking making living exhibition is on until the 13th December, 2014.

Full details of the exhibition can be viewed at:

Mona Smith is showing her six minute film Healing Place as part of the exhibition. The film introduces the ongoing deep mapping community project of the same name.

The video can be viewed on vimeo at: