The Geographical Turn: Dublin 6-7 November


MST members Karen Till and Gerry Kearns are organising a series of artistic responses and talks around the themes of space, place and environment.

The project is funded by the Irish Research Council as part of its ‘New Foundations: Enhancing Knowledge Exchange,’ a set of initiatives to encourage knowledge transfer between academic and applied contexts. The Geographical Turn asks how geographers and artists might learn from their separate exploration of the common themes of space, place, and environment. These are the key themes of Geography. They also resonate with the central political concerns of our time, the geographical dilemmas of modernity.

The core of the project is a set of collaborations between artists and geographers.

Collaborations so far include, Fearghus O’ Conchuir (geographer, and dance artist) and Rionach ni Neill; Ambra Bergamsco (geographer, and Butoh dance artist) and Michelle Brown; Zoe Reilly (geographer and visual artist) and Anthony Haughey; Gerry Kearns and Larry Kirwin; Cian O’Callaghan and Silvia Loeffler; and myself and Louise Lowe.

An overview of the project and the events organised for the 6th and 7th of November  can be found at:


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