ASLE-UKI & Land2 Conference 2017: Cross Multi Inter Trans

Biennial Conference of the Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment (UK and Ireland)

6th-8th September, 2017,
Sheffield Hallam and The University of Sheffield


We invite friends and colleagues from across the arts and humanities, particularly the visual arts, to join with writers and critics interested in place, landscape and environment to present their work in Sheffield, U.K. Sheffield is the gateway to the North of England, an ex-steel city surrounded by seven hills and the stunning peat bogs, moors and streams of the Pennines, a rich industrial heritage of textiles and mining, leaving many environmental challenges, and art, particularly sculpture, in and out of the landscape. Our trips will reflect this. At this conference, we ask participants to fully engage with “the challenge of the environmental humanities as a transdisciplinary matrix” (Heise) and to deepen their analysis of what it is to work Cross, Multi, Inter, Trans. The recent marked shift to the use of this term “environmental humanities” suggests that we wish to respond together to slow and quick environmental changes, to ask what can critical and creative arts do in relation to each other, to the non-human world that surrounds us, and, not least, to environmental crises? The conference will bring critical and aesthetic enquiry into dialogue exploring how creative practice not only informs critical analysis, but is also a critical tool in itself.

Keynote speakers:

  • Ine Gevers, curator, writer, activist (Utrecht, NL)
  • Dr Jonathan Skinner, Associate Professor (University of Warwick)
  • Professor Kevin Hutchings, Canada Research Chair in Literature, Culture and Environmental Studies (University of British Columbia)

Full details of the conference, field trips and registration:
Cross Multi Inter Trans homepage

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